careworldThe Energy-Saving Handal Compressor Patented Profile Airend is one of our key to natural. Larger,  Slower-running airends air more efficient and deliver more compressed air for the same input power. Handal Compressor patented Profile Airends air optimized and will quickly pay back for its elf through power cost savings, helping the world to stay longer.


At Handal Compressor, We care the world.

The earth needs to be treated kindly with low consumption of the energy. This saves both the earth and the cost of electric power on your side.

Time Proven Reliable Airend

Used in compressor worldwide, Handal Compressor airends have proven to be the market leader in both reliability and effciency.

  • Precision machined rotors.
  • Highest quality tapered roller bearings.
  • All coolant flow paths are integral to the cast housing, eliminating potent leak paths.
  • Ideal wherever budgets are limited, but the need for performance is not.



Premium Efficiency and Performance

Handal Compressor premium efficiency compressors deliver reliability through our unique airends, well known for trouble-free operation and low energy consumption. Efficiency and durability through low compression ratio in each stage.

  • Reduced bearing loads.
  • increased airend life.
  • Minimal maintenance

With the handal compressor Airend technology, Product from our hard researching and testing, you can save both the electric cost and the earth. Extend the live of every living things without decreasing the quality of you business.